Why Choose Us

Life’s greatest moments are filled with the wonders of sound: a baby’s cry, a bird’s song, a quiet whisper.  Don’t let a hearing loss stop you from experiencing all the wonders life has to offer.  Now is the time to discover the latest in hearing technology.  HEA Hearing Center prides itself in offering the most to our patients.  Our team of Board Certified Doctors of Audiology are ready to help you on your journey to better hearing.

Successful hearing aid users understand how the ears and brain work together.  That is why HEA Hearing Center provides you with a complete hearing test by a licensed Doctor of Audiology.  HEA Hearing Center Audiologists, Dr. Susan Turner, Au.D., CCC-A and Dr. Jennifer Dessel, Au.D., CCC-A are board certified in the latest procedures and advancements in hearing technology.  

If you have been hesitant to find out more about the benefits of hearing instruments, there has never been a better time to overcome your reservations!  Don’t you owe it to yourself and your loved ones to join in and hear what you have been missing?  Call today to find out more about the latest in hearing technologies.  You and your loved ones will be happy you did!

  • Due to the virtually invisible look to the aid advanced features are limited.
  • Can fit hearing losses from mild to moderate hearing.