Hearing Protection & Specialty Molds

It is recommended to wear hearing protection consistently when around extremely loud noises. Some examples of situations when hearing protection is needed would be while hunting, operating heavy equipment (jack hammers, tractors, lawn equipment, motorcycles, etc.), and even musical events/concerts.
  • Custom molds are made by taking a cast of your ear and having that cast sent off for manufacturing. Typically these molds are of a softer material, can be made with several different color options, and can be worn comfortably by the wear for several hours.
  • This type of mold can have a NR rating of up to 27dB. (The amount of noise reduced).
  • An electronic version of hearing protection.
  • Magnum Ear uses a battery to operate.
  • A cast of your ear is taken and sent to the manufacture for processing.
  • Advanced features include wind noise reduction, volume control, phone programs, reduction of feedback, and mute options.
  • NR rating of 24 to 26 dB (The amount of noise reduction).
Specialty molds can be ordered for military use, aviation use, law enforcement use, and musician molds.