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  • John Luna, H.I.S

    John Luna, H.I.S.

    John is originally from Houston and lived in Humble and Austin. I graduated from University of Houston and have a BS in Human Nutrition. I received my license to fit and dispense hearing instruments in Austin, Texas. I know many people who suffer from hearing loss and for the most part they can describe it as a difficulty with understand someone and not so much hearing them. I do feel honored to work at Houston Eye Associates. Our offices provide a very comfortable, professional environment for the patient and I to discuss what type of problems they may be having with their hearing. We can then uncover the pain that is felt when a patient is experiencing these problems. With HEA's partnership with top companies in the hearing aid industry, I am able to deliver the best technology to our patients.

  • What is more convenient than having your hearing specialist right at your eye doctors office? At HEA we feel that hearing loss may be over looked by some, and that the convenience of having your hearing tested while at our office is a benefit. Since most hearing loss is a slow progression, you may not even know you have lost any hearing. Now you can easily have your hearing tested while at your eye doctor appointment

    Why Choose Us
  • Do you have ringing in your ears? We encourage you have your hearing tested! Click here to set up an appointment today

    Ears Ringing?
  • Often when a hearing loss is discovered, patients want to know how it came to be. Although there is no way to pinpoint precisely what caused the hearing loss, there are a few main causes.

    Understanding Hearing Loss
  • Did you know that we offer customized hearing products at HEA? Click here to learn about some of the items available!

    Custom Products
  • Click here for the answers to frequently asked questions about hearing and appointments at Houston Eye Associates.